Romantic Wedding 

Chic & Trendy

Take a Romantic  look to your wedding decoration

Romantic Theme

- Preparatory meetings

- The Dj Set

- A Pioneer DJ vinyl wooden controller

- High quality sound system

- Wireless microphones

- A personalised DJ cabin

- Illuminated wooden columns
- Motorized Beam robots

- Lasers

- A cocktail sound system

The Design

An exclusive customized romantic design

 around the dancefloor

Have you opted for a chic and romantic wedding? Excellent idea! This timeless style, is a great classic of weddings.

Tender Pink, white, candles, flowers… Discover the essentials of a perfect romantic wedding decoration...

From flowers to powdered shades to sifted lighting, candles are abused to sift the atmosphere
Another essential accessory: the ribbons, they will fly to the wind to create a chic and magical decor.

You can associate bird cages, for example, or nice origami folds that seem to float in the air will leave your guests speechless.

Tablecloth, Lace curtains, dining table… a delicate atmosphere is installing by being generous on the fabrics or by transforming your chairs with beautiful covers or veins. Flowers and white are also preferred for an elegant table centre.

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