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Nuage de rêve

Du rêve à la réalité nous créons votre nuage de rêve pour votre ouverture de Bal...
dj dijon prodij Professionnel  mariage c

Thanks to our professional cloud machine, you can create a dense white carpet that stays on the floor for a surprising and magical visual effect, as if you could float on the clouds!
You will thus bring an unprecedented originality to your first dance during your evening, the guarantee of a unique prestigious atmosphere.
As in all our PRODIJ services, be perfectly safe since the cloud is odorless and totally harmless: it is a thick fog on the ground cooled by dry ice.No humidity, no condensation, no toxicity, and no freshness either: only a real cloud that will sublimate your steps during a ball opening just "Wouahou".
This dream cloud option is also the best effect to highlight the moments you have chosen.
It can also be used to launch a new marketing product, photo shooting, video clip shooting . . .


By choosing this option, you are sure to create a dream atmosphere at your event.
Trust the PRODIJ quality.


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